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I grew up in Altona, Victoria in Australia close to the ocean and as a kid I would swim, dive and jump off the jetty with my friends all summer long.
The beach is still one of my favorite places to go. Which is why I love living in Bali so much.

I remember in primary school a teacher bought in her guitar and played for the class. And from that moment I knew that music was the path I wanted to take.
I formed many bands with friends when I was young but the other members never seemed to have the same dedication as myself and they soon left to get married and have families. Eventually I had to work full time to feed a family and bring up my kids also.
However my love of writing original songs did not waiver and I was always playing and writing in my spare time. My music represents my belief that we all should take care of our planet and have peace and love in our lives.

Now that my kids have grown up , I have a folder packed with over 35 years of songs and it's time to make my move. I have sold everything , packed up and headed to Bali . Here I am recording and working my way through my life's music.
I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and will come on my journey with me.

If you would like to sponsor me I would be grateful.
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                                               Love and peace to all 
                                                   Have a magic day
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